Friday, August 18, 2006

Many thanks to Shannon for this one!

In her words
"This is the scariest mannequin head I have ever seen. I think if you stare too long the mannequin will steal your soul."

I can't agree more. I think its the lipliner.


At 3:23 AM, Blogger WildCatDancer said...

The head is kind of shaped like those crashed alien photos, big on top dwindling down to almost no chin. But the aliens had sense enough not to wear a floresent silly hat. Or perhaps they just didn't have time to put it on, what with the crashing and all that. I wonder how long the neck is on that thing? Can it be exorcised? I'll bring the Book and the candle, if someone has a bell handy.

At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Carleigh said...

Poor Jane had the forehead and cheekbones of a woman, but the neck and chin of a child. She was always gawked at when she walked into Wal-Mart and felt terribly embarrassed when she bought her chin-enhancment pills.

At 3:45 PM, Blogger HydraFemme said...

Lip-liner, mah butt! Somebody went a leeeetle overboard with mascara!!!

At 12:53 AM, Blogger WildCatDancer said...

Hee hee, chin enhancement pills! Those had to be invented by a Britsh Royal doctor!

At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

at least thay dint sew those giant sequins all over it


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